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We understand that problems addressed in family law are unlike those in any other legal field. Family law cases involve what matters most: you, your children and your future. Our firm handles exclusively family law cases, and providing the specialized and dedicated representation that you require. We tailor our services to meet your unique needs. This begins with educating you about the numerous options available and then helping you determine which is best for you and your family.


You Have Options

Just as no two families are the same; no two cases are the same. Our goal is to educate you about available options; whether mediation, collaboration, or litigation and then customize our representation to suit your specific needs. With over 45 years of combined experience, we know how difficult it is for you to make that first call to an attorney; what we also know is that with our support, our clients feel informed, less anxious and less overwhelmed about the process.

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Libby Donovan, Esq.

Meegan Reis, Esq.



Meegan was fantastic to work with. She was both professional and personable which made a potentially stressful process much smoother and palatable. The outcome of our case was exactly what I was looking for and Meegan was integral in that.


After the death of my daughter, my son-in-law suddenly greatly restricted my access to my grandson (then age 3). I called a well-known Dover law firm to see what I could do and was told I had no case. I never got beyond the receptionist. A year passed and I ran into a woman who referred me to Libby Donovan. Libby was so wonderful. She said I had been given erroneous information and that New Hampshire does in fact have a statute for Grandparent Visitation Rights. We proceeded and I was awarded regular visitation with my grandson, who is now 13 and the love of my life! I cannot tell you how grateful am to Libby and her law firm and highly recommend you call her for help.

— Mary

Meegan has been incredible to work with. She has helped to make a sad, scary, and overwhelming situation manageable. Having her caring and professional ear and advice helped me get through my divorce as smoothly as was possible.

— Kerri, North Hampton, NH

When my kids were just 2 and 4 years old my wife started divorce proceedings and there was nothing but litigation for several years. Libby represented me the whole time and I will be forever grateful to her and her assistant, DeeDee, for their support and hard work on my behalf. I eventually was awarded sole residential rights and responsibilities over my son, the younger of the two. My girl had been alienated by her mother to the point that she refused a relationship with me. It was without doubt the hardest point in my life and protracted at that. I couldn’t recommend Libby and her firm more highly.



A trusted friend had recommended Meegan to help me with my divorce. It was great advice because Meegan not only knows the process & the law, but she works in a compassionate and logical way. Working with her felt like having a partner who was looking out for my best interest.

— Curtis, NH

My wife convinced me to move back to her home state with the kids because she wasn’t happy in New Hampshire. So she relocated first so I could sell our New Hampshire home and start looking for a new job. It all took longer than expected. It turns out my wife “reconnected” with her high school boyfriend and she filed for divorce in her home state, leaving me without my home, without my job and without my girls. It was a nightmare. I hired Libby and she was able to get the case moved back to New Hampshire and now I have shared parenting with my girls. Oh and my ex and the boyfriend didn’t last!


My mother sued me for Grandparent Visitation. For many reasons I did not agree and had to fight against Court-ordered visitation. Libby guided me through the process and trial, which was incredibly difficult. I felt protected and well represented. We prevailed and I would return to Libby and her firm for any issues in the future.


Libby is far more than a lawyer; her legal knowledge is just the beginning of everything she offers her clients. When I came to Libby, in the midst of what seemed an insurmountable custody issue, I was scared and totally overwhelmed, to say the least. Libby got to work immediately; asking detailed questions, gaining deep insight into the situation, and ultimately provided superior guidance. When the court dates came, I was able to relax and let Libby handle everything – she had become family to us and I knew that she was as concerned about my daughter’s safety and well-being as I was. Because of Libby, my daughter had a safe and happy childhood, away from violence and fear. There are no words to express what that means to me. Libby is a brilliant lawyer – one you can put your complete trust in.


I talked to two lawyers who told me that getting primary parenting of my 5-year old son was not likely. It was important to me mostly because of the great school system my town offers. I felt like as the Dad, I didn’t stand a chance. But I talked to Libby and we built my case and after a two day trial, the Court ordered that my son attend school where I live. He’s doing great and my ex and I are even getting along now!


My wife and I went to Libby to mediate our divorce. I really liked Libby’s approach which included meeting us each individually before sitting down together. Meeting with her first gave me a comfort level I don’t think I would have had and it gave me a chance to tell her things that I thought would be problem areas in mediation. I know my former wife felt the same way. It was tough and emotional and now it’s over and we’re both moving on with our lives in a peaceful way.


My husband and I came to the mutual decision to end our marriage but we were afraid of the financial and emotional fall-out of involving lawyers and the court. We sought alternate options and are happy we were able to work with Libby, over several sessions, in mediation to come to a final agreement that worked best for our children and allowed us to create two homes going forward. Libby was patient and most helpful when every time we disagreed and thought we had hit a dead end, Libby kept us going through problem solving.