Unbundled Legal Services

Unbundled legal services are also known as limited representation or coaching. In unbundled cases the client hires a lawyer for a discrete task instead of full representation. The client maintains responsibility for all other aspects of the case and only uses counsel to assist on those specifically agreed to items. This type of representation allows you to control your case and your legal fees.

What Legal Tasks Can Be Unbundled?

There are numerous ways that we can assist you with your case through unbundled representation, but below are examples of some of the more common services:

Legal Advice or Case Analysis: If you are just looking for advice, you can set up meetings to discuss specific issues or to explain about the process and law in general. These meetings are done on a pay as you go basis.

Process Option Meetings: If you are unsure about which process choice is right for you, these meetings can help by reviewing all the different options and helping you create a process that best fits your situation. We can also assist in drafting letters to the opposing party to educate him or her on the options available.

Assistance drafting motions or letters in your case: We can help you draft motions and pleadings to file with the court, help you respond to pleadings you have received and determine what documents are required in your case. We can also help you draft letters to the other side or respond to a request. In some cases clients will ask us to review or comment on letters, pleadings or even emails that they have prepared and ask for feedback.

Drafting Proposals: We can work with you to create a settlement proposal for the other side and assist you in the legal drafting. We can also help you respond to a formal settlement proposal you may have received.

Preparation for Pro Se Court Appearances: This includes helping you prepare your argument, assistance with exhibits or documents and ensuring that you have provided the court and the other side with the necessary documents. You will be the one going to court, but we can help you feel more prepared doing so.

Discovery Assistance: In some cases the other side may require you to answer Interrogatories or Requests for Documents. We can help you answer them or help you create your own discovery request to serve on the other side.

Negotiation: We can teach you how to negotiate with opposing parties and help you strategize the best way to present your desires to the other side.

Mediation Preparation: We can help you gather the necessary documents, prepare financial affidavits and asset/debt lists for mediation. We will work with you to determine goals and create outlines of issues to be addressed. We can help you prepare for the actual mediation by talking through the process with you and helping you narrow the issues. We can offer ideas for settlement and provide input on proposals.

Mediation Document Review: In many cases, when the parties are able to reach agreement through mediation, the mediator will take the terms of the agreement and will draft the necessary court documents so the parties can file them. The mediator cannot, however, offer legal advice about the merits of the agreement itself. In order to make sure that the agreement covers all of the necessary details and that you fully understand what you are agreeing to, it is advisable to have an attorney review the agreement. We can review the agreement with you, offer feedback and answer any questions you may have.

Document Preparation in cases with agreements: If you are able to reach an agreement with the opposing party, we can take your agreement and prepare the necessary legal documents for you to file with the court. We can also review any documents that you have prepared to ensure they are done correctly.

Representation at Mediation: Many clients will ask us to attend mediation with them and act as their counsel during the mediation sessions. This allows them to have legal advice and emotional support during the mediation process which often assists in resolving the case quicker.

Implementation of Orders or Agreements: After the court has issued an order, or you have reached agreement, there are often numerous items that need follow-up. We can help you understand what those obligations are and help you execute them. We can also assist you in connecting to other professionals for things such as QDRO or deed prep, refinancing, real estate transfers, estate planning or insurance.

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